Module 1: What is Epilepsy

Five myths and truths about epilepsy

Fact: Epilepsy is NOT contagious. It cannot be “contracted” by interacting with people who have seizures.

Fact: People with epilepsy have the same ranges of intelligence as the general population. Nonetheless, it may affect learning success if seizures are frequent, if the person is not taking medication, or if the person does not have the support they need.

Fact: There are many types of seizures, those involving convulsions (tonic clonic), is just one of them.

Fact: If someone has epilepsy and the seizure lasts less than five minutes, you may not need to call 911.

Fact: No. That’s impossible. By putting something into their mouth, you are leaving them susceptible to injury (for example broken jaw or teeth). So you should never introduce objects into a person’s mouth during a seizure.

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