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Zoe is a student in one of your seminars. She has disclosed to you that she has tonic-clonic seizures.

You are walking to a class and see a commotion in the hallway. You see Zoe having a seizure on the ground.

What would you do?

Solution: This can actually do more damage. Let the seizure run its course and put something soft under her head if possible.

Solution: This isn’t an ideal solution. Typically 911 doesn’t need to be called unless the seizure lasts longer than five minutes, or if there is a complication like an injury or pregnancy.

Solution: Good choice. The jacket will help prevent injury. Knowing how long the seizure has been happening will help you decide when, or if, 911 needs to be called. When the seizure has subsided, roll Zoe onto her side to rest and wait with her until she regains consciousness.

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