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Student’s name: Simon 

Student’s information: Simon has absence seizures. He is taking your art history class. His seizures don’t disrupt the class but he seems to be frequently daydreaming. His first test mark was good, but he seemed to miss out on some key points that you have mentioned in your lectures.

Situation: Simon has asked that he be allowed to video tape the class.


What would you do?

Solution: Your decision is understandable; there are all sorts of issues with lectures being posted online, dealing with copyright and the classroom experience. However, Simon’s challenges are not being addressed.

Solution: Your decision makes sense; however, Simon’s absence seizures cause him to miss pieces of information during the class. Given it’s an art history course, just having the audio might not be enough. You should discuss with Simon if this provides him the information he needs.

Solution: This could work well. It has both the visual components and the notes on what you are saying, and could help Simon fill in the gaps in his notes that occur when he has a seizure during class.

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