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Miranda is a Bachelor of  Fine Arts student in the dance program at York University. Even though she is an innately talented dancer; she still has to refine some of her techniques.

Two months ago, Miranda was diagnosed with epilepsy.  Sometimes she finds her hand twitching.


You are a dance teacher. Your students have worked hard; next week they will be seen by the director of an important dance company in the country, which has been an informal audition for dancers in the past. In the last rehearsal, you noticed that Miranda has problems with her hand.


What would you do?

Solution: Your decision is understandable; you are concerned about the performance of the group. Nonetheless, you should allow a star to be a star; maybe you can ask Miranda permission about disclosing about her epilepsy to the evaluation juror, so you can plan ahead.

Solution: Your decision makes sense; however, that may harm Miranda’s self-esteem. Talk to her and discuss how to proceed, so you are aware of her needs.

Solution: All students have equal opportunities. The best choice is to discuss Miranda’s needs with her.

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