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Jayne is a student in one of your lectures. You don’t really know her, but she always sits in the front row at the bottom of the stairs and always with the same person.

Jayne stands up suddenly and starts walking around, smacking her lips. Her friend stands up next to her and looks at her phone, but doesn’t call anyone.


What would you do?

Solution: Not the best response. Jayne is having a complex partial seizure.

Solution: It’s probably too early for that. Jayne’s friend appears to be timing the seizure, make sure that’s what she’s doing. It’s not an emergency yet. If it goes longer than 5 minutes, or Jayne injures herself, then it’s time to make a call.

Solution: Well done. It’s not an emergency, but there’s no need for the whole class to watch. Check with Jayne’s friend that she is timing the seizure and help keep Jayne away from dangerous objects.

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