Student’s name: Aisha

Student’s information: Aisha is a history major. She has complex partial seizures. You initially thought Aisha was a good student. The essays she has turned in were both well written. She had a seizure during a three-hour lecture, but she was with a friend who helped her. You gave the class their break early, and she was able to continue.

Situation: Aisha’s mid-term exam was a mess; she missed many obvious answers on the short answer portion and her essay question seemed to be vague and lacking in specifics. Aisha has asked that she be allowed to take her final exam open book or with a cueing sheet and be given extra time.


What would you do?

Solution: Your decision is understandable, but having a seizure during the exam isn’t the only challenge Aisha  has to deal with

Solution: This is a great option. It address Aisha’s challenge, remembering specific names and dates due to where her seizures originate in her brain, and your concerns about keeping books and notes out of the exam. It will allow Aisha to demonstrate her full potential.

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